Friday, June 10, 2011

Nursery progress

 Here is our original To-Do List for complete before the baby is born in August:

1. Transition Harrison's room from nursery to big boy room. see here
2. Merge office into guest bedroom downstairs. This will be changing BIG time... more on that later!
3. Sell all work out equipment (that we NEVER use) and transition room into a playroom. completed (mostly) here and here
4. Decorate old office and create new nursery!
5. Insulate the garage ceiling so the new playroom and nursery are not FREEZING in the winter.

So far, so good. Although we are running out of time and keep getting side tracked in the back yard and living room. More on those later!

Back to the nursery. It used to be our office and was a beautiful pumpkin orange. I thought I could work with it until I found out we were having a girl. Something about an orange room doesn't scream baby girl to me, so after searching the internet for hours days I decided to go with simple gray. Since I love the color in Harrison's room so much we went with the same color in her room too.
Since our budget is minimal non-existent, we were working with what we have here.

Here is a list of weird things we needed to fix before we could even start. When you first walk in the room, the door opens to the right. Sounds okay, right? Not okay. The light switch is on the right side of the door too, meaning you open the door, walk into a dark room and walk around the door to turn on a light. Weird! I mean who decided to put the door/switch on the same side? So I called our favorite handy man (my step-dad) and put him to work.
  • Isn't he the best? Apparently, you can't just take a door off and turn in around. You have to buy a whole new door. Bummer. So off came the old door and went of to live happily-ever-after at ReStore and in came a new door. Guess who got their first baby present? This little girl! Pretty sweet right? See, Dave really is the best. :)

I wish that was the only obstacle before we could get to the fun pretty stuff. When we first moved into our house there was a tiny amount of insulation in our attic. We discovered this when we needed our furnace and it ran and ran and ran all day long. My dad and Adam rented the tools and blew in insulation in the attic. Unfortunate, when it was finished, we discovered a new hole in the office/ now nursery ceiling from a mysterious knee. Hmmm... If we had regular ceilings, this would not be a huge problem but since we have these weird old paneling on the ceiling that are all interlocking this was a bigger problem. So we left it. For a few years. This whole, a-person-is-going-to-live in here-and-we-are-going-to-see-it-a-lot made us change our minds. So Adam had to fix the his mistake!

Luckily after the ceiling and door were fixed, I could start decorating! I really, really wanted a beautiful small chandelier for the room and really, really, really wanted the Ella chandelier from Pottery Barn Kids but am WAY to cheap to buy it. So I stalked ebay and craigslist looking for something cheaper. My mom apparently was looking too because she bought a $5 chandelier from the Wentzville Flea Market. It wasn't an Ella but it was $5!
After a quick coat of spray paint and added crystals from the garage, we had a girlie light fixture. I think she's pretty cute!

I found the perfect yellow, round rug at JCPenney Outlet store for $50!! Score!

I also made a collection of tissue pom-poms for a "mobile" above the crib.

We finally kicked Harrison out of his crib and were able to move it to the nursery. Here it is being set up. We are planning on using the same bedding but now I'm starting to think I may make a longer bed skirt. Let's see if that ever happens!

 Well that is a ton of words to describe an un-finished room. Maybe I should have broken it down into smaller parts! Oh well.

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