Monday, June 6, 2011

Toddler Room, here we come!

This has been one of the longest projects yet!

I started planning Harrison's room around his first birthday in October. I searched and searched for ideas and we finally decided on a robot theme. I fell in love with this room and was off to find robot things. I found an adorable robot toddler bedding set from Target but it was not sold anymore. Boo. Luckily there was a woman in Lawrence selling her set on Craigslist for $10. Yes, please! A short drive down K10 and we had our bedding.

When we went home for Christmas, my cousin Dawn gave us her toddler bed. Of course I couldn't wait to set it up and Harrison was sleeping in his robot bed the last week of December.  I painted Harrison's room a soft gray (Gentle Rain by Behr) on New Years Eve. Lauren was visiting and we both worked to get it finished so we could watch the countdown!

At this point, I was 6-7 weeks pregnant and VERY sick. I spent most of my time laying on the couch with Adam as my servant. He's such a good husband. :) So the room got pushed back to the back burner. Jordan is a very good artist and he offered to paint some art for his room. I purchased 4 small canvases from Hobby Lobby for $12 total and a few weeks later had amazing art to hang on the walls.

It wasn't until Spring Break time that I got back to work on his room. We were still working with a tiny budget and I kept talking about building end tables for Harrison's books. Adam kept insisting that we probably have something that would work. There may or may not have been some frustrated conversations over the issue. :)  Finally one night we went "shopping" in our house. We ended up with a bookshelf from the workout/storage room and turned to the side was the perfect height for our guy. We also used my lamp from the same room. It's amazing how things I love end up hiding in our house!
Here are some before and after pictures of our transformation! 

 I love the round crib!

Our house came without closet doors. The inside is wallpapered in pink! Yikes! I hung a shower curtain to disguise it!

and after pictures...

Hurray for closet doors! They were purchased at ReStore for $5 a piece! Unfortunately the track was $35 but still... good deal!

My favorite corner in the room. I am in love with the orange!

Our "free" bookcase and lamp. I recovered the shade so it was bit more cheery.

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