Friday, November 23, 2012

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Monday, February 20, 2012

Ivy's half birthday

Our sweet little girl is 6 months old! How did that happen?
2 years ago we celebrated Harrison's first half birthday so we thought Ivy deserved the same. 

To keep our tradition alive, I baked another half cake. Everyone kept asking me what I did with the other half.. so here's what I did. I used this recipe and only made half. You could always make the entire recipe and but we don't need that much cake at our house! I baked it in a round cake pan and once it was baked and cooled, I cut it down the middle to make two layers. Then I stacked them and decorated.  Ivy got dolled up and we took pictures. Of course the baby doesn't get any cake (or even icing) but Harrison thought the whole thing was super fun. He sang happy birthday over and over to her. It was pretty cute! 

6 months is a pretty fun age. Ivy's projectile vomiting is slowly decreasing which is really helping with the laundry. She is super ticklish and thinks Harrison is the funniest person on Earth.
We finally kicked her out of our bed and she now sleeps in her crib. Even in the middle of the night, she won't go back to sleep in our bed. That means I have to actually wake up when she's hungry, feed her and lay her back down. I'm sure this is something most nursing moms always do but I'm lazy and always laid my babies next to me in bed and let them eat while I go back to sleep. It was a pretty sweet set-up that I'm missing.
She had her 6 month check-up and she's perfectly healthy. Even with all that throwing-up, she has managed to gain 2 lbs since December. She's up to 15 lbs (30%) and 27 1/2 inches (98%)... tall and skinny! The doctor also recommended having Ivy cry it out and sleep through the night. The idea just makes me so sad... I guess we have to do it sometime, but I'm not ready yet.
Can't wait for our little girl to start using our fabric high chair! 


My household projects have been few and far between since Ivy was born. But today when I was cleaning the kitchen windows and blinds, I realized how much light is blocked by the curtains.
Super dark...
I discovered that the easiest way to clean blinds is by taking them all the way down, and giving them a good wash in the tub. That's why the curtains come down too. So with Ivy in the exersaucer and Harrison yelling at me to get down, I quickly moved up the brackets that hold the curtain rod.
please ignore the paint on the cabinets... but I moved the bracket about 12 inches higher

When I hung the curtains back up, it's amazing how much brighter the kitchen is... and it's not even sunny today!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Whoa! Hiatus much?

So, I kind of fell off the blogging train. Sorry about that!

Starting back to work full-time, two children, a household to run, the holidays, and finally starting to sell things on Etsy, I haven't had a ton of free time.

Here's a quick summary of the past 2 months:
We had our first Thanksgiving with Ivy Mae. I made her a festive fall outfit.  I think she liked it.  :)
I still work part time at a local hotel (its where Adam and I met!) and Thanksgiving is the busiest day of the year. So for the first time in 7 years, I volunteered to work Thanksgiving. This meant that we had to cancel our plans to visit my family on Thanksgiving. Adam and the kids went to his parents house while I bar-tended and we took a quick trip to St. Louis the next day.

December FLEW by. I was working 2-3 shifts a week at the hotel on top of full-time teaching and tons of sewing projects/Christmas presents to finish. It was crazy busy. Finally Christmas came and everything was awesome. Harrison is two now and finally was able to get into the whole Santa thing. He actually is terrified of Santa... refused to sit on his lap for a photo or even be in the same room as him. We talked about Santa a lot and how he was going to bring toys on Christmas. Harrison would tell us he liked Santa but when asked if Santa could come to his house, he would always answer with a "nu-uh." (He still doesn't use the word no!)
We celebrated Christmas with my family a week early. We decided to make it an ugly sweater theme. Some of my siblings were too cool but most of us dressed terrible.
Adam and his Christmas tie :)

Chad, Jessika and Lane

Bryce, Jeanette, Reagan and Avery.... Reagan didn't want to wear her sweater because she thought it was ugly. Jeanette had to reassure her that everyone was wearing ugly sweaters. She probably thinks we are super weird!

My candy cane turtleneck was a huge hit!

My mom and Dave

the big kids were going crazy waiting for us to open presents!
Tom, Katie and Jada
On "real" Christmas, we set out cookies for Santa (Harrison screamed for those cookies all the way to bed) and he woke up extra early, 6:00 am to be exact. It took a few presents for him to get excited about opening them but he quickly got the hang of it. Now for the photo bomb!

Some videos for the family :)