Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Playroom makeover 1

Since the news of our new addition, we have been doing some major changes in our house. Our goal is to spend as few dollars as possible. Here is our list of projects and hopefully I will be able to share all of our progresses.

1. Transition Harrison's room from nursery to big boy room.
2. Merge office into guest bedroom downstairs.
3. Sell all work out equipment (that we NEVER use) and transition room into a playroom.
4. Decorate old office and create new nursery!
5. Insulate the garage ceiling so the new playroom and nursery are not FREEZING in the winter.

The past two months I have been able to sell our elliptical and treadmill machines on craigslist. Craigslist and I have a love/hate relationship. I love that people come to your house, give me money and haul my stuff away! I hate how many people email and waste my time. Oh well.

On Sunday, Adam and I filled all the holes with joint compound and began sanding the walls. The putty was taking forever to dry so I suggested that we get started on building the stage. Jordan came over and the two of them took over the project. Using the free plywood and 2x4s that my step-dad Dave gave us, they created a 3x6 foot stage for our little guy. He loves to sing, dance and be the center of attention so I thought he would love a stage. I was right!!! We needed curtains so I hemmed the old curtains from the office and hung them on the shower curtain rod from Harrison's closet. It looks perfect!!!

Last night, Adam spent most of the evening sanding everything. Walls, ceilings, and the stage. He looked like John McCain when he was finished. I wish I would have taken a picture... he was covered from head to toe in white! We were expecting to be able to paint yesterday but are learning that everything always takes twice as long as planned!

Tonight was painting night one. When we originally painted Harrison's nursery, we bought two gallons of paint and only used one, so FREE paint was sitting in our garage just waiting to be used. So now our playroom is green. :) I used the rest of the navy paint from Harrison's dresser to paint the stage.

More progress to come!  See here

Long overdue update!!

Since it has been almost 6 months since I have posted on here, our family is growing!

Baby #2, a little girl, will be joining our family in August. We were very surprised to find out we were having another baby. . I have PCOS which means that I do not have regular cycles. Without medicines, I am lucky to have 4 periods a year which means trying to get pregnant is next to impossible. When we were trying to get pregnant with Harrison, we spent 6 months struggling with fertility drugs to get pregnant. It was a constant roller coaster every month and was very stressful for us.

After having Harrison we have never thought about using birth control since its impossible for us to become pregnant on our own. So this was a big surprise!!! I am due on the third day of school next year. Oops. Not the best due date ever, but we will make it work somehow. I am praying for the best sub ever who is a natural at teaching Kindergarten. My poor students will not even get to know me until I get back. I keep telling this little girl of mine that she has to stay in there a few extra days so I can at least teach for the first week of school. I guess we will have to wait and see if she is a good listener!