Monday, May 2, 2011

Playroom makeover 2

The playroom is coming together.
I am still trying to stay as close to a $0 budget as possible but unfortunately we had one problem. Remember how we were using the extra gallon of paint from Harrison's nursery? Well, we underestimated how BIG that room is. Our house has weird walls and ceilings upstairs and we didn't realize how much wallspace there was in there. Our one gallon of paint was cheapo stuff from Wal-Mart which means it does not cover well. We (and by we, I mean Adam!) got two coats on and it wasn't looking good.

So off to the store we went. This time we splurged on the fancy paint with primer included. Spring Garden was our final color choice and it covered with one coat! Horray! It's a bit lighter that the original green which helps since there is no windows in the playroom. So much better.

We used the existing storage shelves from the workout/craft room. Hey Mommy still needs her storage too!

Reused rug from office plus leftover foam mats from the workout room...equals a perfect floor to play on!
The room was looking pretty plain and was screaming for some color. It tooks lots of days thinking and searching for ideas online then I ran across this idea. How to fabric wall mural
Perfect right?!?  So off I went to ransack my fabric collection. Luckily Jordan was visiting for the day so I put him to work.

Continuing our use-what-we-have theme, found brown craft paint in the paint box! Awesome.

I tried a few things to attach the leaves to the wall. I wanted something that wouldn't damage the walls but would hold up to little hands too. Elmers glue stick was the winner! Works great and so far no fallen leaves!

Finally some color! Poor Zee the bird still needs her eyes finished... someday, Zee. Someday.

Closeup of the leaves. Adorable, right?

We are almost finished. Give me a few more weeks and I'll be able to share the rest of the room!
Dollars spent so far, $28. Not bad! :)

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