Monday, May 2, 2011

My baby has a baby!

Harrison is obsessed with babies. Anytime we see a baby in public or visit a baby, he attacks them. Expecially girl babies! He knows the difference! Here is an example:

He also gets extremely jealous when I am holding someone's baby or even our dogs. He normally is not clingy at all but when my lap is occupied he gets very angry. He climbs in my lap and tries to push the other baby/dog off! Not going to work with a newborn.

I was worried that he would smother his sister once she got here or would spend my entire maternity leave fighting over my lap space, so we bought him his own baby doll.  I wanted him to practice holding a baby and being gentle since he tends to make out with babies for abnormally long time or sometimes even hits them!

Adam was hesitant about buying our son a baby doll but K-Mart had their clearance toys for an extra 50% off so she was only $8. It was easy to talk him into a doll for $8. 

What I didn't expect was for Harrison to fall in love with his baby. He has never been attached to any toy. The first time he does, it's a doll! Oops. She goes everywhere with him! He even gets mad when we are buckling him into his carseat and we have to take her out of his arms for a sec to put his straps on. He's pretty sweet.

I am hoping that when our baby is born, he will be accepting of me holding and nursing a baby all day and he can be content with his baby. I know this is me dreaming but a girl can dream right?

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