Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Living room collage wall

I know that I am supposed to be working on this to-list of ours but http://pinterest.com/  keeps distracting me!

I fell in love with this picture because it reminded me of our living room wall but WAY better!
and I love the wallpapered frames at John and Sherry's house (actually I love everything they do!)

So instead of working on all those other projects I am supposed to be doing, I took a few days to create my wall of frames!
Here's what it looked like before... pretty similar to the gray room in my inspiration.Can you tell this is from X-Mas time? Ha!
2. added plywood to the back of the console to conceal the cords...TV from upstairs since the other one died, and added a TON of frames!!!

spray painting in masses! Everything is going WHITE!

Finished!!! And yes, this is another TV! Our living room TV crapped out so HAPPY FATHERS DAY Adam!

still need to fill some frames!

Now back to the original to-do list!!!

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