Monday, June 20, 2011

Vacation fun

We had such a great time on our vacation to Gulf Shores. Its bitter sweet to think that it was our only vacation with just the three of us, but we are all excited to meet our little girl in August.

We quickly learned that a beach vacation with a toddler is VERY different than any other beach vacation we've ever been on. Harrison RUNS as fast as he can on the beach and at the pool. Adam and I would take turns chasing to make sure he doesn't:
1) dive into the big pool and drown   or
2) run into the ocean and get swept away

There was no laying on the beach and reading a book, building sand castles, or really relaxing at all!

Our daily schedule looked like this:
8:00 wake-up, eat breakfast (usually on the balcony), watch Cars (again!), get swim suits on
9:30  play at the beach
10:15 play at the pool
10:45  back in the condo for lunch
11- 2:00 NAPTIME
2:30  beach
3:00 pool
4:00 shower and get ready for dinner
5:00 go out to dinner and explore the town
8:00 Harrison in bed

Sometimes we would take turns going to the pool by ourselves while Harrison napped but usually we would just nap too!

Harrison enjoyed watching the men clean the pool each morning.

view from our balcony

One night we went on the dolphin tour

there's a dolphin!!!
Another night we went on the giant Ferris wheel! There was a sign that said not to ride if  pregnant but that didn't stop me!

I think Harrison liked it, every time we would stop he would sign "more" but he also had this expression on his face! 

I on the other hand, was quickly reminded of my fear of heights! Adam enjoyed rocking our cage to help me feel more secure!

We had a wonderful time and can't wait to go back. Maybe next summer will be more relaxing!

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