Sunday, June 12, 2011

We made it!

We survived our 16 hour drive!
We left on Saturday morning at 3:00 am. Adam and I spent the better part of the night tossing and turning because we were so nervous we would oversleep! We woke up around 2:00 and put the last few things in the car. When we were completely ready, I scooped up a sleepy Harrison and put him in the car.

Harrison is so funny when he is sleeping. If he is not ready to wake up, he will fight you! He slaps my hand away and rolls over or hides under the covers! He reminds me of my sister Jeanette when she was younger.

Adam and I took turns driving all day. I made the mistake of taking 2 Dramamine tablets around 6 am and ended up passing out for a few hours! Warning- do not take if you plan on driving at all. I was such a waste!

We stopped for breakfast at McDonalds (surprise, surprise!) and I went inside for the bathroom and to change Harrison. Apparently as I was leaving, we discovered that they weren't even open yet! Someone forgot the lock the door when they closed. No wonder the music was so loud! Ha! The employees were really sweet and served us anyway.

Harrison surprised both of us by having remarkably amazing behavior. He usually gets very crabby during car rides but was pretty content most of the time. We read books, sang songs, and watched a movie. When we arrived at our hotel in Hattiesburg, we spent some time swimming before the entire family went to bed at 7 pm. We were tired...very tired.

We only had a short drive to the beach. First we stopped at Target for new batteries for my camera (they died the night before!), aloe, and a magna-doodle. We went to Sharp's for breakfast a few weekends ago and they gave all little kids a travel size magna-doodle to entertain them while eating. Genius! He was so good, we swore we were going to buy one for all restaurant trips. Our breakfast at Waffle House was so nice with him entertained. Best $15 spent.

While driving through Mobile, AL we saw the USS Alabama sitting on the bay. We quickly decided to make a detour and paid our $26 dollars for tickets. It was really neat to explore the ship and also to tour a submarine.  Harrison loved climbing all the ladders and there were a LOT of ladders!

When we first arrived at the condo, we quickly put on swimming suits and walked across the street to the beach. I took a video of Harrison touching sand for the first time expecting a big squeal but he took a few moments to warm up to it. In no time though he was having a blast. The waves scared him at first and he didn't like that the sand pulls out from underneath you when the wave recedes. Look at how much fun he is having!!!

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