Thursday, June 2, 2011

Mess-free chalkboard!!!

Our backyard is pretty boring... especially if you are 1. We spend a lot of time out there hanging up clothes on the line, grilling, or working in the garden. Harrison tends to always want to help which usually doesn't help at all! Someday we will purchase a fancy swing set for him but it's not in the budget right now, so I've been looking for some cheapo ideas to keep him entertained.
My sister introduced me to Pinterest recently and I am hooked! Its amazing how many awesome ideas are out there! I found this and knew Harrison would love it!

Remember when we completed the stage with free wood from my step-dad? Well we still had a full sheet of plywood sitting in the shed. After a quick rummage through the paint pile in the garage, I found two cans of primer with enough to cover the plywood twice! Perfect. We were off to Walmart and Home Depot for paint and grout. Walmart was out of the paint we wanted but then we checked the clearance/messed-up paint rack, we found an un-tinted gallon of outdoor flat paint! $10! Yes please! Always remember to look there, sometimes you can find awesome deals! Next was charcoal grout at Home Depot for $8 and we were ready to go. It took two coats of  3 parts paint/1 part grout mix and sanding but it looks great. The best thing is Harrison WANTS to draw on it while I am outside working. Hurray!!!
I love how it looks from the distance. It really breaks up the monotony of the privacy fence.  I can totally imagine leaving messages there for birthdays and parties.

So far Harrison only makes straight lines up and down! Someday he'll advance to circles! 

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