Wednesday, August 3, 2011

I've joined etsy!

Well friends,

I finally did it. I joined and opened a shop. After only a year or so of actually feeling confident enough to try making more than a simple curtain or pillowcase, enough people like my sewing projects that I've decided to sell them!

I first started posting baby sleep sacks made from old t-shirts and then my bibs that everyone asks for for baby showers, b-days, and Christmas. I wanted to make myself a nursing cover when the baby arrives so I whipped up a few extras and actually sold one!!!! My first sale!!! Pretty sweet. :)

My latest projects have been baby dresses but the pattern I have been using is for 2-3T or 6-12 months. Neither size do I have a model close-by so I've mailed them to my sisters to model, take pictures, and mail back! Still waiting to post them but they are super cute!

I guess my shop will just evolve as my children grow. Each project I make for us will result in a few extras for etsy. So far its pretty fun. I really enjoy sewing and its a great way to pass the time while I'm waiting for our little lady to make her appearance. 15 more days!!!

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  1. woot woot!! That's awesome. Maybe you'll have your own little successful business before long and you can stay home :-)