Monday, August 8, 2011

Our last kid-free weekend (for awhile!)

This past weekend, Harrison took a trip to the lake with his Nana and Pap, and Aunt Lauren. Adam and I were alone, praying that I would go into labor! Ha!
Well I didn't go into labor, but we did have some nice adult time. Saturday night we reminisced our childless days of living in the city. First we ate dinner at Grinders. Yummy! Then we redeemed a groupon for the screenland theater. We saw the new Woody Allen movie, Midnight in Paris. It was pretty good... had a good message.
Since Lauren moved in with us, Adam and I have had a date night each week. Sweet!
The first week we went to Adam's boss' house for a work party. We planned to see a movie afterwards but ended up staying too long and missing our show! We went to dinner instead. Last week, we were driving to the movie theater, but decided in the theater parking lot that we were more hungry than interested in a movie so went to dinner instead and ended our "date" with a trip to Trader Joe's!
When we told Lauren we were going to see a movie this weekend, I don't think she really believed it!  But we made it! Our only movie of 2011. I don't know if we will see another one :)
Sunday we slept in and  I was having a lot of contractions. They weren't super painful so we decided to run errands and walk a few laps at the mall. Of course we hit up some sale racks and my contractions were continuing but not changing or getting stronger. Bummer. I guess we just have to wait all 11 days until she gets here.
I did also squeeze in a few sewing projects and finished a tiny dress for our little girl. I am planning on her wearing it home from the hospital and also in her newborn pictures for her birth announcement.

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