Monday, August 29, 2011

Our first 13 days with Miss Ivy have gone pretty well. She is such a perfect baby. She basically just sleeps, eats every 2 hours, and occasionally is awake enough to check us out!

We were lucky enough to be allowed an early discharge from the hospital after 24 hours since we were both doing well. We had a doctors appt the next day and found out her bilirubian levels had gone from 6 to 14. This meant she was jaundice and she had also lost 10% of her body weight. Boo. Luckily our pediatrician wasn't too worried and just wanted me to supplement one bottle of formula a day until my milk fully came in and also give her some sun time. The next day, her bilirubian was at 15 (meaning she had reached her peak) and she had gained 2 oz!!! 6 days later, her coloring looked much better and she was up another 9 oz. The doctor says she is perfectly healthy and we don't have to go back until her one month check-up.

Our little girl is a champ at eating! Just like her brother, she knew exactly how to latch on and is an express eater. Seriously, she is done eating in less than 10 minutes at each feeding. Sweet! I learned my lesson with Harrison that I needed to start pumping while I am on maternity leave so I can have a stockpile in the freezer. I hated pumping day to day and stressing out when I didn't have enough while at work, which meant we were giving Harrison formula occasionally when I didn't have enough. This time, I starting pumping the day my milk came in and am storing 6-15 ounces of milk a day!! It's pretty awesome!

Harrison is loving his little sister and doesn't seem to be jealous at all. He is so sweet and gives her kisses all day. Every time he gives her a kiss he says "aww!" Apparently, we must have been saying that too! 

Last week, we had our newborn photo shoot with  Here are a few of my favorites!

Aren't they adorable?!

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