Saturday, August 20, 2011

Introducing Ivy Mae!

Our little girl is here!

After a few weeks of "fake" labor and two days of "early" labor, my doctor finally said okay to giving me a tad bit of pitocin to kick things into high gear.

We arrived at the hospital on Tuesday morning at 7 am. I loved my nurse so much when I delivered Harrison that I asked if she was working that day and she was! So I was lucky enough to have Ann again! I was dilated to 3.5 and as soon as they started my pitocin on the lowest possible dose, my contractions became much more regular. My doctor broke my water around 9:30 am and then I started to become much more uncomfortable. I received my epidural a little after 10:30 and was dilated to a 5. I was excited that it was moving so fast because when I was in labor with Harrison I went from 5-10 in an hour and a half. I kept telling my Dr. Magee and Ann that I was aiming for a baby at noon. So imagine my disappointment when Ann checked me at 11:30 and I was still a 5. My cervix was very posterior and it was taking a long time for it to move forward. At 12:30, I was finally a 6. During this time, I was having a lot of back pressure so Ann kept having the anesthesiologist come back to try different medicines in my epidural. I was finally feeling normal again (although frustrated that I missed my original deadline). Still stuck at 6 and feeling like I was going to be pregnant forever, I decided to try to take a nap for a bit around 2:30. A few minutes before 3, I was suddenly in extreme pain with every contraction. Since I had been completely numb, I knew something was up. Ann told me I was complete, went to call the doctor, and we were pushing just a few minutes later! Ivy was born at 3:15 after only pushing 3 times!

She is absolutely perfect! Since she was born so fast, she had no bruising or funny shaped head. She did have her cord around her neck but it was loose and didn't cause any problems. We think she resembles Harrison but with different coloring.

Lauren was the only family member in the room and she took pictures and a short video. Once Ivy was born it was just me and Adam. We spent about 45 minutes with just the three of us, staring at our little girl and nursing. It was such a nice time to have together. Shortly after that the room was full of visitors ready to welcome her to the world.

She is a champ at nursing, sleeps almost all the time, and enjoys throwing up! Ha!

Last belly picture: 39 weeks, 5 days

And here is the SWEETEST video ever of Harrison and Ivy meeting :)

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