Thursday, July 28, 2011

Harrison Goes To School

Back in May, we enrolled Harrison in a Parent's Day Out program at a local church. He goes on Tuesdays from 9:30- 2:30. My goal was to:

1) have a day to run errands, go to the doctor, and get things done without Harrison this summer
2) help Harrison learn how to play with others his age

His first day was my last day of school so his sitter dropped him off and picked him up. He walked in, started playing with toys and never looked back.

The second week, I brought him and he started SCREAMING as soon as he saw his classroom! The teachers recommended I just leave instead of  trying to soothe him so I did. When I came back at the end of the school day, I was informed that she had to hold him and he cried himself to sleep on her shoulder! Then he didn't nap at naptime. Oh the heartbreak. Adam and I questioned whether this was a good idea or if he was too young. 19 months old isn't that old really....

The third and fourth week were slightly better but he would still cry when I dropped him off and always needed to be held by a teacher so I could sneak out. He was beginning to nap at naptime and played well with the other kids.

Now we are finishing week 9 and Harrison LOVES going to school. He starts babbling as soon as we pull in the parking lot and wants to walk into his class by himself. He doesn't even have time to give me a kiss or hug before he begins playing with the toys. A part of me gets sad when he just waves at me and says "bye ma!"  He's getting so big!
 My little guy use to attack/smoother any child that was his age or smaller. It really was embarrassing and would freak the other child out. Surprisingly, he doesn't do that anymore!!! It's so wonderful! He also sings songs and does actions now! My favorite is the 5 monkeys hanging for the tree, along comes Mr. Alligator.... he cracks up every time the alligator snaps a monkey. I really need to video tape him doing that song!

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