Monday, October 24, 2011

Worlds of Fun!

Last weekend we took our kids on their first trip to Worlds of Fun here in Kansas City.
Every year Adam's company hosts their company picnic there and its all FREE (Those are the best kind of trips)!

We arrived as the park opened and immediately went to the main carousel.  Adam stayed with Ivy and Harrison and I climbed on. He was terrified and clung to me for dear life! There was no way he was going to sit on a horse so we sat on the bench. You know about the bench? Its the part on the carousel where the grandmas sit. Yeah, that's it. Well, half way through our ride, Harrison decided he loved the carousel and wanted to ride the horse. Too late, buddy. He was so excited when he got off and told Daddy all about the horses. We ended up riding the carousel two more times that day, and Harrison rode a horse both times :)
Ivy enjoyed her "ride" in the stroller!

riding a REAL steam train complete with a conductor and a whistle!

Once he checked out those horses, Harrison was ready for a ride

Mommy and Harrison rode this ride. At two years old, he was definitely the youngest rider but had sooo much fun!

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