Thursday, October 6, 2011

starting to talk!

When Harrison was a baby, we started using baby sign language with him. We only used very basic signs although some parents go as far as teaching 100+ signs, we were closer to 10: more, eat, drink, milk, hi, bye, help, movie, bed, and diaper. It took him FOREVER to actually sign back. He was over a year before he started with a few signs regularly and didn't talk much other than jibber-jabber. We always joke that he spoke fluent Japanese because he would talk forever with tons of different sounds but no words.

At one year of age, he said "d" words: dad, dog, down, and done. In fact, he didn't say mommy until 15 months! I had to wait that long to be called by name. But this week (the week of his second birthday!) he just started talking! Even people who aren't related to us, can understand him! That's real talking :)

We were playing with a whistle and whenever he would try to blow on it, would say "don't work."  Ha!
Other new words this week: two, gross, Thomas, car, and truck. He's getting so big!

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