Monday, September 12, 2011

40 bags in 40 days

I have decided to clear out our house!

I feel like we accumulate so much stuff! Even though I think I do a pretty good job of hiding our junk, I know its still there... Its hiding in closets, under beds, inside pretty decorative boxes, etc. Well, I'm on the hunt to find it all and get rid of all the stuff we no longer need or want. The goal is to stop bringing excess stuff into our house and reducing our waste. Seriously, I am embarrassed by our trash can sitting on the curb each week!

I recently read about the Johnson family. They have a blog teaching about their zero-waste life. This family is remarkable (and way more extreme that I will ever be!) but they are very inspiring.The have so many tips to go "no-waste" but I love their moto: Refuse, Refuse, Refuse. Then reduce, reuse, recycle (and only in that order). You should read about them, okay?

Anyways, back to clearing out our nooks and crannys. I made a list of 40 areas I want to clean, organize and purge and my goal is 40 days. I figure we could probably get rid of 40 bags of stuff. Hopefully most of it will go the Catholic charities thrift store but I'm sure some of it is just trash that needs to be thrown away. How embarrassing, right?

Here is the list:

1.       Junk drawer in kitchen
2.       Under kitchen sink
3.       Kitchen drawers/ towels/ baggies
4.       Silverware drawers
5.       Mudroom shelves
6.       Shoes
7.       Pantry and entry bench
8.       Refrigerator
9.       Spice cabinet
10.   Cabinet above fridge
11.   hutch
12.   Office desk
13.   Hallway closet upstairs
14.   Hallway closet downstairs
15.   Magazines
16.   My closet
17.   My closet again!
18.   Adams closet
19.   My dresser and underwear drawer
20.   Adam’s dressers and underwear
21.   Maternity clothes
22.   Under our bed
23.   Dvds and video games
24.   Jewelry
25.   Makeup bag
26.   Bathroom cabinet/drawers
27.   Medicine cabinet
28.   Harrison’s clothes
29.   Harrison’s toy boxes
30.   Harrison’s closet
31.   Ivy’s closet
32.   Playroom shelves and dvds
33.   Sewing materials
34.   crafting/scrapbook materials
35.   Garage (general)
36.   Garage (shelves)
37.   Car
38.   Truck
39.   Laundry room 
40. recipe books

Have you spent any time purging lately?

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