Sunday, November 6, 2011

New obsession

It's official. My maternity leave is over.... I'm super sad about leaving my babies all day but kind of excited to meet my students. Since Ivy was born on the first day of school, I have yet to meet a lot of my kiddos.

Anyways, this also means I have a very limited work wardrobe since I still have 15ish pounds to lose and my clothes don't fit. Here comes in our healthy eating again. We usually eat pretty well but my addiction to ice cream isn't helping out my weight loss and since I don't work out (or even want to) I need to start eating better. We already eliminated most boxed foods in our house years ago and I cook a lot of our foods from scratch. I recently discovered Larabars. They have several flavors and only 3-7 ingredients. Our whole family likes them.

Here's where my new favorite blog comes in. Katie from makes the most delicious vegan recipes. Note: I am not a vegan or even a vegetarian. I love ice cream and bacon WAY too much for that to happen. This is why I like her... she has recipes for homemade Larabars! They are SUPER easy to make and so delicious!

Today we made the cookie dough balls and with only 4 ingredients I think we will be making them a lot. I have made several of her recipes now and they are all super delicious and HEALTHY!

I hope you too can try some healthy deserts and maybe break your bad dessert habit. Let's loose some lbs and still eat yummy food!  Anyone with me?

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